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"WE ARE LUCiD takes the meaning of 'power couple' to a whole new level.."


WE ARE LUCiD was formed in 2011, originally under the name “Broken Pens N’ Loose Leaf” by group members Melia (Minneapolis, MN) and Saint Cloud (Ferguson, MO).  After meeting at the young age of 18 through their professional dance careers in Los Angeles, the connection was instant. Melia and Saint moved in together, immediately beginning to fuse their artistry. Both had dreams of making music- so together, they plotted their take over. As they toured the world dancing behind artists like Rihanna and Kanye West, they worked diligently on creating their unique sound as recording artists. Now, WE ARE LUCiD continues to live and breathe hip hop culture while sharing their love for creating great music. In singles like “Selfie” and “No Time”, Melia & Saint Cloud share their unique message through a sound distinctly their own.  As hip hop’s next power couple, WE ARE LUCiD shares their message of making dreams a reality and living LUCiD with the world of music.